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English Paper Museum

Kastani 38, Tartu, Estonia 50410

The Paper Museum is an inspiring art and educational environment which offers exhibitions of paper art and design, extensive information on paper history and workshops in paper making and paper sculpture. The museum encourages experimentation and self expression through working with paper to develop three dimensional thinking and creativity.
Visit the museum for guided tours, exhibitions and workshops. Online courses are also available.

Workshops are available for:
• Paper sculpture (Architectural Origami, kirigami, paper folding)
• Paper making
• Your First Origami

Contact us to make reservations. Workshops are available for groups, students, school children, families etc. and can last around 1 - 1.5 hour.
+372 55 57 25 00


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Asume Tartus, Kastani 38. GSM +372 55572500